About Benonara Bengals Australia

Our love of the Bengal cat started with our two pet Bengals: our big boy Zeus and our much smaller girl Storm. We have fallen in love with the breed and look forward to being able to share this with others. The Bengal is a beautiful cat and has a super friendly and quirky personality. They fit into our busy family superbly.  

Kris and Alex are a mother/daughter team. Alex is nearing completion of her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, assists with the care and health of our cats and is our social media guru. Alex also has a rescue moggy of her own, Nala and is a born animal lover. Kris likes researching different aspects of the Bengal breed, is always keeping her eyes open for potential additions to the program and takes care of the bills and paperwork.

We both have a strong interest in the genetics of the Bengal cat and look forward to ultimately producing a variety of different Bengal colours in our kittens.  We are working closely with other breeders and aim to produce healthy, well structured kittens with outstanding temperaments.  

TICA REG. 35446