Benonara Sabrina Spellman (Sabrina)

We are excited to introduce our home bred girl Benonara Sabrina Spellman out of Echo and Merlin. She has a lovely shaped face, gorgeous round eyes and a lovely silky and contrasted coat. She carries a snow gene and a non-agouti gene. We are excited to see the kittens Sabrina produces with Whiskey and Ryker.  The combination of genetics means she could produce brown, seal mink, melanistic and charcoal kittens depending on which boy she is joined with.

UC Davis test results:

PRA - N/N (by parentage)
PKD - N/N (by parentage)
Agouti/Charcoal - A/a
Brown - B/B
Colourpoint - C/cs
Dilute - D/D