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Hurstbridge Victoria - 16/12/18

We were honoured to take Alkala Bells to her first show - ANCATS Hursbridge. She performed amazingly and it showed in her results!

  • 1st top 10 & 1st top 5 under three judges,
  • 1st top 5 & 2nd top 10 under the fourth judge,
  • Supreme exhibit of the ENTIRE SHOW under judge Bambi Edwards,
  • Best kitten of the ENTIRE SHOW,
  • Placed first in breed and section every time and,
  • Received a special award for being the HIGHEST SCORING CAT OF THE ENTIRE SHOW!

Bells received comments from the international (WCF world Cat federation ) judges of perfection for her conformation, head size, shape etc and brilliant temperament!!!

Thankyou to Alkala Bengals Australia for letting us take your baby to her first show!!