Alkala Whiskey of Benonara

Whiskey has an absolutely amazing temperament and structure. He has attended many shows, including the Melbourne cat lovers show. Whiskey has already fathered two litters and his personality shines through in his kittens, helping to make them adventurous and confident! 

In his spare time, Whiskey loves to play fetch and rile up his 'big sister' Nala!

Whiskey loves to show off for the judges and often receives compliments on his fantastic structure and temperament. In 2019, Whiskey was awarded ANCATS National Third Entire Kitten and after only two shows in 2020, he has been awarded the title of Champion. 

UC Davis test results:

Agouti/Charcoal - A/a
Brown - B/B
Colourpoint - C/cb
Dilute - D/D