Frequently asked questions

What is the temperament of a Bengal?

Every cat is different, and the same is true for Bengal cats. Bengals typically have a lot of energy and are very active. Bengals love to play and will let you know when they want to play. 

Are Bengals cuddly?

This really depends on the cat's puurrsonality. Like humans, some cats can be very affectionate and cuddly, while other cats would prefer to do their own thing. There is certainly no hard and fast rule, although all of our Bengals like to sit on your lap for a good scratch and are cuddly when they want to be.

Are Bengals friendly?

At Benonara Bengals we ensure that all of our kittens are well socialised and handled before going to their forever home.  This means you can be certain that your kitten is friendly and ready to settle into their new home with you. 

Can Bengals be walked on a lead?

Absolutely! Bengals love to be outside exploring the world but should be supervised. Harness walking and training is a great way for the cat to get their outside time, while building the bond between cat and owner. 

How big do Bengals get?

Bengals are usually bigger than the average cat. Males can weigh between 4.5kg - 8kg. Females can weigh between 3.5kg - 5.4kg. The size of your cat will vary depending on its genetics and whether it has been desexed.

Do Bengals require special care?

Bengals do not require any more care than any other domestic cat.

Do Bengals have health issues?

Bengals are genetically predisposed to Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD). At Benonara Bengals all of our breeding cats are tested for both of these diseases.  Benonara Bengals will not breed cats who are positive or carry the genetic markers for either of these diseases and therefore we are unable to produce cats with either of these diseases. 

Do Bengals need flea and tick prevention?

Yes! Bengals, like other domestic cats require flea and tick prevention. Tick prevention is dependant on location, so check in with your local vet to see what they recommend for your area. 

How do I find the right Bengal for me?

We recommend meeting potential cats or kittens and spending time with them and watching their parents. Each cat's personality is different, and as such it isn't a case of one size fits all. Get in touch with us to arrange a time to meet our kittens. 

Do Bengals get along with other cats, dogs and/or children?

Like most domestic cats, Bengals get along with other animals and children. It is important to introduce your kitten to other animals and children slowly while under supervision. Some cats will be open to new animals their entire lives, while others will need early introduction to accept other animals into their family.

When introducing children to a new cat or kitten it is important to ensure the child knows how to safely and gently handle the kitten. Animals can react aggressively if they are hurt or scared. Children need to understand cat body language and boundaries for a peaceful relationship. Many cats love children and will put up with a lot more rough behaviour from a child than they would an adult. 

Are Bengal cats domestic?

Yes, refer to the "About Bengals" page for more detailed information.

Are Bengals easy to care for?

Any pet is a big commitment. Cats require their litter cleaned daily (if not twice daily), feeding and play time. Bengal cats will require regular play and stimulation.  Often another cat (or other pet) will provide companionship and stimulation to your Bengal. Otherwise Bengal cats are generally easy to look after.