Grand Champion Aziz Echoes of Enchantment (Echo)

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our program and would like to introduce you to Aziz Echoes of Enchantment. A massive thanks to Clare King from Aziz for her support of us, and for entrusting Echo to us. We are completely smitten with her already.

Echo is a bit special. She is just over nine months old, has excellent structure and an amazing coat with clearly defined tri-colour rosettes and a whited belly. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover she carries a seal lynx gene. Echo has already been showing with great results and we look forward to continuing her show career with Benonara Bengals. Together with our stud, Whiskey, they will produce brown and seal mink kittens and we can't wait to see them.

UC Davis test results:

Agouti/Charcoal - A/A
Brown - B/B
Colourpoint - C/cs
Dilute - D/D